My name is Janet Lee.  My degree from UBC was in Speech Sciences (Linguistics).  I’m fascinated by how our brains are able to learn and master such a wide variety of skills and disciplines.  I also love watching how students master music and language.  Our minds are truly fearfully and wonderfully made.  We have been created to overcome and learn optimally from birth to death.

Psalm 139:14         I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  Wonderful are your works;my soul knows it very well.

But when something goes wrong in our brains, we seem to come to a standstill.  We people have not realized until recently that our brains are malleable, that is, our brains can be molded, changed and renewed to work as they were originally designed to.  Our brains are WIRED for change!
I first got involved in Music/Sound Therapy to help autistic children.  Then in learning this work, the lightbulb blazed on when I realized that quite a few of my family members are in need of  this sound technology!  They show classic signs of Auditory Processing Disorder!  For example, we observed that my youngest daughter did not learn and focus like my other two children.  How curious.  Though we were not overly concerned, we thought she was just being more naughty and undisciplined than the others.  Not so, I have since established that she has definite difficulties in processing auditory and visual signals.  She has difficulty learning time, left vs right, retaining a string of instructions and many other “classic” signs.  How great to have this modality to help her resolve these issues.

As an Auditory Integration Training (AIT) practitioner, I happily get to initiate and witness mighty miracles in both children and adults.  I have such satisfaction playing a small part of people’s restoration.

The Portable Difference
I was certified by Rosalie Seymour, using her portable AIT system.  Rosalie was the developer of the original Earducator and I so value her work and contribution to AIT.  Until recently, the only way you could access AIT was to attend the offices of practitioners for the ten days of training.  This was very inconvenient for families seeking AIT for their children, or adults with a busy work schedule. This restriction, plus the expensive equipment needed, meant a high cost for auditory training.

Portable AIT makes it more accessible and less expensive.  This new technology allows me to bring AIT to literally anyone in the world.  I can put an AIT home kit into your hands whereever you are. Please see Start AIT for further information.

Peek into her Brain
Not too long ago, I had a piano teacher do AIT and she, being a very expressive and sensitive person, gave me such a precious gift in her feedback.  With her permission, I’d like to give you a quick, lighthearted peek into her brain:
I hope you’re having a great Christmas celebration.  Tomorrow is my last day of AIT, and I am amazed more and more.  I keep turning down the sound on the TV set.  I still have the “dropsies”.  Food just seems to love to fly out of my hands and land on the floor.  It’s really funny.  Also, I have been unable to make myself organize certain areas of my house like my office, clothes closet, etc.  I have just been piling things higher and higher and I couldn’t make myself even begin.  For the last two days, while listening to the AIT music, I have had the urge to just clean out clutter and organize, organize, organize.  I’m about halfway through and feeling like I’m getting on top for the first time in months and months and months.  And I’m still so peaceful.  And I’m still finding learning at the piano so much easier.  This is truly amazing.

Thank you for bringing AIT into my life.  What a gift this is.  I’ve had that feeling that something just wasn’t right for so long, and that feeling is gone now.  I totally trust it.

If you have a group of parents, therapists, teachers or administrators who would like to hear about sound therapy, we can meet at my office (maximum of 20 people) or at your location.

Find me @604-767-3224