Brain Changers

Berard AIT is the Foundational Therapy on which other important therapies hang on.  Because AIT helps to re-organize the way the brain works,  other therapies are simply more effective and will enhance what AIT does.  Remember, our brains are beautifully “plastic” and malleable.  AIT allows complimentary brain changers to work even better!

Just a note: many of these other therapies have reference to autism.  I believe many of these can still be relevant even if you don’t have autism; some are even relevant even in general health.  Autism is a collection of symptoms that occur in the brain because of possible neurotoxins (one possible cause), and therefore affecting every other area in our bodies.  That is, something wrong in our brains often causes difficulties in our  bodies, emotions, behaviours, movements, learning ability, social interactions, etc.

Important Brain Changers

  • NeuroDevelopment
  • Vision Therapy: Parevision and Vision and Learning
  • Bowen Therapy: myofacial release
  • Movement and Reflex Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Brain Dominance

Lifestyle Brain Changers

  • Audible: These are Brain Candies (stories) that stimulate imagination and inspiration
  • Food: Diet, metabolic health, food intolerances
  • MMS Detox
  • Exercises, Sports and Movement
  • Enzyme Therapy
  • Piano, singing, music and music therapy
  • Language learning
  • Eternity and Prayer