The AIT Solution is a Cutting-Edge, FOUNDATIONAL therapy that cansafely and effectively resolve many issues of the brain.

A well-organized brain means that each area of the brain does its assigned work efficiently and successfully.  It also means that every area of the brain talks, connects and supports each other.
But what happens when there is a breakdown in communication between the different areas? Learning difficulties, sensory UNprocessing, emotional upset, misunderstandings, relationship breakdown, over and under sensitivities, language delay, illogical judgement, and more.
Difficulties in learning, behaviour and communication often happen when  we cannot process auditory information effectively.
An auditory processing problem can occur even when there is NO hearing loss.  Auditory processing is a separate issue from hearing ability.  This is like saying that the ears can hear well, but the pathway of the “ear machine” has been wrongly wired, and therefore cannot transmit and organize information accurately.
Children and adults with learning difficulties often display auditory processing difficulties.  In fact, 40% (some research even say 80%) of children with learning difficulties show signs of auditory processing issues.   Do you see some of these behaviours in yourself or your child?

  • Auditory inattentiveness,
  • Lack of or slow response to auditory input,
  • Poor auditory memory,
  • Problems with phonics or with spelling,
  • Problems learning concepts of time or left vs. right,
  • Delay of speech and language development,
  • Difficulty in learning handwriting,
  • Hyper-sensitivity to sound (Hyperacusis: over-reacting to common noises; distressed by classroom sounds, covering ears, retreating from crowds, may be aggressive or have tantrums in public places.
  • Acting “as if deaf ” to tune out painful sound
    Berard AIT can resolve many of these difficulties
    AIT stands for Auditory Integration Training.  Berard AIT is a non-invasive 10-day intensive music/sound-based program that helps to resolve hearing issues (hyper and hypo sensitivity), speech and language issues, sensory processing issues and many brain dysfunctions.
    Berard AIT is the most commonly used method of sound therapy in the United States.  See this report from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASLHA).
    Who is it for?
    ASLHA reports that people diagnosed with autism, pervasive developmental disorders, learning difficulties, attention deficit disorder, and dyslexia see results in:
  • Reduced hyperacusis,
  • Increased attention span,
  • Better eye contact,
  • More social awareness and involvement
  • Fewer tantrums and outbursts
  • Increased verbalizations,
  • Improved auditory comprehension, and
  • improved articulation.
    Modern brain scientists and practitioners are finally realizing that our brains are not static but TRULY malleable and changeable!   This is called brain plasticity!  It has become an exciting solution to many of the learning, behavioural and communication issues in children and adults.
    Berard AIT can resolve hearing issues and and help the brain to better process auditory information.
    How do I do AIT?
    First, you will go through an informational assessment and possibly a listening test to determine if AIT is a good fit for you.  After this, you will learn how AIT affects your brain and body.  You will then be given a set of portable equipment and instructions on how to conduct the 20 sessions.  I will supervise the first one or two sessions to help you learn how to do confidently.  Then over 10 days you will listen to modulated music at a quiet time and location of your choice.  You will be doing 2 sessions of 30 minutes per day.
    How does AIT work?
    The  music given to you has been especially modulated to stimulate and re-train the auditory pathways in your ears.  Frequencies that are painful to you are filtered out.  The twice-a-day auditory “exercises” work simply but powerfully to re-wire neural pathways in your brain.  It’s like aerobic training for your ears.  I will explain in more depth with diagrams and charts when we meet.
    AIT History
    AIT was developed by Dr. Guy Berard, a French Ear Nose Throat doctor from Fraance.  It has been in use worldwide for over 40 years. Dr. Berard found that distortions in hearing or auditory processing dramatically causes difficult behaviors or learning challenges.  Dr. Berard originally invented AIT to rehabilitate disorders of the auditory system, such as hearing loss or hearing distortion (hypersensitive, hyposensitive, or asymmetrical hearing).  But many parents and health and educational professionals have found that AIT can resolve many more issues in children with autism, ADHD and dyslexia.  Dr. Berard wrote a book called Hearing Equals Behavior.