The All Important Brain Loop

I want to tell you about a little-known, but astounding brain loop that will show you how the ears are connected to the brain and body.  When everything works well in our bodies, nobody notices.  But when something is wrong with our behaviour, people notice our learning disabilities, unacceptable social or communication conduct, even our funny movements and poor co-ordination.  And most people know that the trouble lies with our brains.  Much of the time, people who experience difficulties actually behave acceptably; in other words, their difficulties and “misbehaviour” are only visible to family members, teachers or caregivers who see them regularly.
But did you know that often times, the trouble really starts in the ear?

The brain loop is actually: Ear –> Brain –> Body.

Or to put it another way:

Ear trouble –> Brain trouble –> Body/Behaviour/disabilitlty trouble.

Dr. Alfred Tomatis, an Ear/Nose/Throat doctor in France proved and worked with this brain loop over 60 years ago.  He found that the voice (body) can only sing or speak what the ears can hear and what the brain can process.  If the ears cannot hear or process high frequencies, then the brain cannot process or be energized with those frequencies, resulting in the inability to sing or speak these same high frequencies.  Another ENT doctor in France, Dr. Guy Berard applied this same brain loop to develop a way of healing the ears and brain through modulated music.

What causes Brain issues?  What causes Ear issues?

These two questions must go together hand-in-hand.  It’s like the saying, “If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t NOBODY happy.”  When there is ear trouble, it eventually manifests into brain and behaviour trouble.  The ears are central in our understanding because the ears are not just for hearing.  I will expand more about how important the ears are and their functions on another page.

These are the ways the ears/brain can get harmed:

  • Birth trauma (lack of oxygen, compression, etc)
  • Brain injuries (concussion, car accidents, tumours, whiplash, sports)
  • Medication (vaccines, chemotherapy)
  • Street drugs (smoking, sniffing, tablets, injecting)
  • Paralysis (bells palsy)
  • Intensely loud noises (airplanes, accident sounds,
  • Sound deprivation (enforced solitary confinement, unloved orphans)
  • Ageing
    These are some of the known neural symptoms that point to ear trouble.  I believe these symptoms are all on one spectrum and can be seen on both children, adults and seniors.  They simply show that the brain isn’t working the way it should and can happen at any age.  Our society likes to label them as autism, OCD, dyslexia, etc.
  • learning difficulties
  • communication difficulties
  • developmental delays
  • neurologically impairment or delays
  • Auditory Processing difficulties
  • Attention and hyperactivity disorders
  • Obsessive compulsive behaviours
  • Receptive/expressive language disorders and delays (speech and language, Apraxia, dyspraxia
  • sensory integration delays
  • oral, motor proprioception issues
  • vestibular imbalance
  • coordination difficulties
  • Old-age related difficulties (Alzheimer, deafness, etc.)

What are the mainstream solutions? And do they work?

This is what is normally done to those with these brain woes: Drug / Shock / Lock. Do they work? I don’t think so.

What’s a better solution? Even cutting-edge?

Here’s the solution: use the very thing that the ears and brain do not receive enough of and not processing optimally: SOUND and MUSIC!

Our brains NEED energy to work and process. Just like our lungs need air to breath; our eyes need light to see; our bodies need food and water, our brains need energy from SOUND. 90% or the energy must come from sound. If it doesn’t get enough energy, it will start failing. Try to see if we can walk around in the dark without light to our eyes; try to go to school or work without eating or drinking; try to breath air when you’re in water; your body will shut down!

When the brain does not receive enough sound energy or is processing it incorrectly, then you will witness the above long list of difficult behaviours and disabilities.
So the solution is to introduce specially modulated music to heal the ears to heal the brain. Simple and profound.

Why does it work?

It works by letting the music exercise the ears’ stapedius muscle. More on this later. This process is best explained with me wildly pointing and gesturing to diagrams and pictures. It works.